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Sales FAQs

When your Qorus trial expires, you’ll be given the choice to either subscribe to one of Qorus' paid plans, or to downgrade to the Free plan.

To learn more about Qorus plans and pricing, please click here.

We don’t usually offer trial extensions, but we’re happy to discuss your needs and why you might need a bit more time. Please get in touch with us on getqorus@qorusdocs.com

The ability to collaborate with guests is available as part of the Qorus Premium plan.

Using the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word, subscribed users on the Qorus Premium plan can collaborate with co-workers by creating assignments inside of Word documents. If the recipient of the assignment does not have a Qorus license, we’ll add them as Guests to Qorus.

Guests can install and use the collaborate features of the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word, so they can respond and action the assignments they receive. They can only have up to five concurrent assignments active at any one time, and by that, we mean across all the documents that you’re collaborating on with Qorus. Guests do not have access to any other Qorus features.

There are three Qorus plans available: Free, Essential and Premium.

Free is, well, Free – and the other two are paid subscription plans that include a lot more features compared to the Free plan.

With the Essential and Premium plans, you can choose to either subscribe on a recurring month-to-month basis, or to purchase an annual subscription, which comes with some attractive savings.

To view pricing, along with a detailed feature comparison for each Qorus plan, please click here.

If you are currently trialling Qorus, then you can upgrade your trial to a paid subscription in the Qorus Management Portal by clicking on the 'Upgrade' button that appears in the left nav.


Alternatively, please get in touch with us on getqorus@qorusdocs.com and we'll be happy to assist.

For recurring monthly subscriptions, we accept US credit cards only.

For annual subscriptions, you can pay with a US credit card, or you can request an invoice and pay manually with a cheque or wire transfer.

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