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How to browse your connected content

If you're not exactly sure which search terms to use in the search box to find what you need, or if you're not familiar with the content connected to your instance of Qorus, you can browse your connected content in any of the Qorus Add-ins, a lot like you would if you were browsing your content in a web browser. 

To get started, click on the name of the content source you'd like to browse: 


This will bring up the underlying library or folder structure that is part of that content source: 


And then any subfolders that come next...:


...followed by the files that subfolder contains: 


If you need to go back to the screen that displays the list of content sources connected to your Qorus, then you can click on the 'home' icon that appears above the search bar (in the yellow box). 

You can also retrace your steps with the breadcrumb that appears above the file list (in the blue box), and choose to see the contents of another folder instead. 

Please note that you can only browse one content source at a time, and that your browse experience will vary based on the type of content source you've selected, and of course the way your content has been structured in Office365.


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