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How to remove and delete Smart Rules

In this article, learn how to: 

  • Remove a Smart Rule wrapped around a slide in a PowerPoint presentation, or content within the body of a Word document
  • Delete a Smart Rule from your Qorus Hub entirely so that it can no longer be used


To get started, open the document or presentation you'd like to remove Smart Rules from.

Next, click on the 'Design' tab in your Qorus Document Builder Add-in, (or Qorus Slide Builder Add-in if you're in PowerPoint), and then on 'Rules' to display the list of Smart Rules currently in use: 


Smart Rules can be used multiple times in a document. The number next to the gear icon, to the right of the name of a Smart Rule, indicates the total number of occurrences of a Smart Rule in the current document or presentation.

Qorus also keeps track of each Smart Rule instance, as Smart Rules are inserted into documents or presentations.To view all the instances of a Smart Rule, either click on the name of the Smart Rule, or on the number itself: 


When you do this, the panel expands to reveal a list of instances for that particular Smart Rule.  

Clicking on any one of the instances (Instance 1, Instance 2, Instance 3, etc.), will jump you straight to the place in the document, where that instance can be found. This way you can very quickly and easily see where the Smart Rule has been used. 

To remove an instance of a Smart Rule, click on the trash can icon that appears next to that instance: 


To remove the Smart Rule from the document or presentation completely, simply delete all instances of that Smart Rule.


Before you can delete a Smart Rule from your Qorus Hub completely, you'll need to first remove all instances of that Smart Rule from the current document or presentation (see above) you're working in. 

Once the Smart Rule no longer exists in the document, you'll find it at the bottom of the Design panel, under the header 'Available in your hub'.

To ensure that it is completely deleted from your Qorus Hub and can no longer be used in any documents or presentations, click on the gear icon next to the Smart Rule name: 


This will open up a new window, from which you can delete the Smart Rule: 


IMPORTANT! Deleting a Smart Rule from your Qorus Hub does not remove the Smart Rule from any other documents and presentations where it might have been used.

If you delete a Smart Rule from your Qorus Hub, the Smart Rule will no longer work - even if that Smart Rule still exists in some documents or presentations.

This means that it's a good idea to first remove as many instances of a Smart Rule as you can, from all the documents and presentations where it has been used, before deleting the Smart Rule entirely from your Qorus Hub. 

Alternatively, whenever you encounter an orphaned Smart Rule that no longer works but is still present in a document, you can manually delete the content control box that represents the placement of the Smart Rule, from your document. You can do this by right-clicking anywhere inside the content control box in the document, and then on 'remove content control' in the contextual menu: 






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