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March 5th 2018: Design powerful personalization capabilities into your templates

Personalizing your content is key to making your customers and partners feel appreciated.

And yet, if you find yourself having to repeatedly and manually personalize templated documents and presentations, to include just the right content and messaging, about the right product or service, for the right audience, then you’re probably all too familiar with what a tedious process it can be, and how easy it is too slip up and make mistakes.

Your time can be better spent, and it shouldn’t be such a drag.

That’s why we’re especially pleased to announce the introduction of a whole new set of Design features to land in your Qorus Add-ins today.

Smart Fields, that have been around for a little while now, have received a bunch of improvements in this release, as well as a new best friend in the form of Smart Rules.

From the new ‘Design’ tab, now available in the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word, and the Qorus Slide Builder Add-in for PowerPoint, you can now:

  • Define Smart Rules that evaluate the information provided in Smart Field forms, and determine whether to include specified content in the final document or presentation
  • Create Smart Fields and Smart Rules once, and then insert and re-use them consistently across all your templated documents and presentations
  • Display helper text in Smart Field forms to guide users working with your smart content


These latest Design features are now available to all Qorus customers on the Premium plan. Please note that you’ll need to belong to either the Qorus Admin role, or the Qorus Designer role, to make use of the Design tab in the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word, and the Qorus Slide Builder Add-in for PowerPoint.

To get started, click here to learn how to create Smart Fields, and here to learn how to create Smart Rules.

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