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"Error Occurred" when filtering SPO lists

Should you encounter an 'error occurred' message when working in any one of the Qorus Productivity add-ins, the first thing to do would be to clear your Internet Explorer cache. In some scenarios and depending on your Internet Explorer settings, caching issues can occur after a Qorus release, usually when using SharePoint Online list content source filters. 

Thankfully this is easy to fix and is just a matter of clearing your Internet Explorer cache. To get started, please close PowerPoint and Word, and then run through the steps below:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the small gear icon (to the right of the star icon) and choose Internet Options
  3. On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Delete.
  4. Un-check the Preserve Favorites website data checkbox.
  5. Check the Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History boxes. Please note that while it's not necessary to clear the Form data, Passwords, and inPrivate Filtering data, you can check those as well if you'd like to clear that data too.
  6. Click Delete.
  7. Once that's done, click OK to return to your Internet Explorer window.
  8. Close the Internet Explorer window. 

Once you have completed the steps above, please open PowerPoint and/or Word and try your search again. 

If you're still experiencing issues, please contact our friendly support team. For more information on getting support, please click here.

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