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How to install the Qorus Slide Builder Add-in

Before you begin, please make sure that you meet the minimum requirements listed here.

You can find all the Qorus add-ins, including the Qorus Slide Builder Add-in, in the Office Store. Simply click on the banner below to go to Qorus Software's page on the Office store to find the add-ins and get started:

Alternatively, you can click on the Store icon within the (1) Insert tab in PowerPoint, access the (2) Office Store and (3) search for Qorus, and then (4) add it: 

After the add-in has been added, go over to the (1) Home tab, and click on the (2) Qorus Slide Builder icon to load the add-in. Then, using your Office365 credentials, (3) sign up for a new Qorus account, or if you have an account already, login to Qorus. 



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