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November 16th Release: What's new

In our quest to help you become more productive in Office365, we've been hard at work these past few weeks on developing new features to make it even easier for you to access your frequently used and favorite SharePoint Online content, and all from within the Office365 apps you love and use everyday.

We've introduced some powerful new search capabilities into SharePoint Online list content, and have given the search experience in all the Qorus Productivity Add-ins a face-lift that we hope will make Qorus even easier to use than before. 

Then on the management side of things, we heard from some customers that while their Content Managers absolutely love the Refresh feature, they didn't feel quite comfortable granting that kind of super power to every person on their Office365 subscription. This is why we've made it possible in this release for Qorus admins to control the availability of some features, like the Refresh, by user role. 

For those who need deeper insights into how their content is being used, and the flexibility to explore their data in ways that meet their specific business needs, we've added an OData service to Qorus, that can be hooked up to analytics tools like Microsoft's Power BI. 

See the latest Qorus features in action in the video below: 

Here's some more detail around what you can look forward to in the November 16th release:

IMPROVED SEARCH EXPERIENCE (available across all Qorus plans)

  • Intelligent predictive search suggestions

When searching for content in any of the Productivity add-ins, Qorus now uses predictive search to suggest search terms that either you or another Qorus user has used in the past, and that has resulted in finding useful content that was inserted into documents, presentations and emails. 

  • Search experience enhancements in all the Qorus Productivity add-ins 

The 'Back' button in the search results listings view has been completely banished. The search box now stays within your view as we display search results, so you can quickly make a change without having to leave that view and go 'back' to make changes. 

We've also added a 'Refiners' menu that can be expanded or collapsed, and that remains visible on the search results listing view along with the search box, so you can conveniently refine your search by choosing a search location to target, use custom keyword filters, as well as file type filters to zone in on the right content more quickly. 

THE ALL NEW 'FAVORITES' (across all Qorus plans)

  • Pin frequently used files:

Each Qorus user can now pin up to 10 content items to their favorites so they're right there when they need them, no searching required. Pinning is a lot like creating bookmarks, but for SharePoint Online files. 

  • Save frequently used searches

You can now save up to 10 searches to your favorites. Saving a search lets Qorus remember the search location you chose, the search terms you typed in the search box, and the refiners you selected, so you don't have to each time you need to run that same search again. 


In the Qorus Management Portal, we've added a new connector for SharePoint Online List content sources, with additional options that leverage the powerful filtering capabilities that come with SharePoint Online Lists.  

When connecting a SharePoint Online List to Qorus, you can now specify: 

  • the list column you'd like Qorus to display as  the 'Title' in the search return,
  • the list column Qorus should insert content from when someone clicks on the 'insert' button
  • One or more list columns that Qorus should target the search at, whenever someone searches the list
  • And then, which columns (if any), Qorus should use to auto-create custom list search filters from the actual values contained in the list

GREATER CONTROL AND MORE POWERFUL REPORTING (available on the Qorus Author plan only)

  • Toggle features on and off

In the Qorus Management Portal, we've provided Qorus admins with the ability to turn certain features on or off based on the Qorus user role they belong to. The features that can be turned on or off by role include: 

    • Refreshing document content with the latest updates available in SharePoint Online
    • Refreshing SharePoint Online content with edits made within a document
    • Clipping and saving selected content in documents, emails and presentations as new Word documents in SharePoint Online
    • Content Controls can be turned off for those who would prefer to insert content in documents without content controls being wrapped around the content they've just inserted (Please note that if this is disabled, then Refreshing content is no longer possible!)
    • Finalizing documents, which provides users with the ability to clean up and remove content controls created when inserting content into documents. This is useful for teams who might want to allow only some users to finalize documents, like those with document approval responsibilities, and not others. 
  • OData Service

In the Qorus Management Portal, we've included the ability to create a username and password to access an OData service that is specific to your Qorus implementation. You can connect this OData feed to analytics tools like Power BI, and explore your data in ways that meet your particular business requirements. Learn how to setup your OData access and connect it to Power BI here

 As you may have noticed, many of these features are available as part of the Qorus Author Plan only. If you're a free Qorus customer, you can try these features for free for 30 days by going over to the 'Manage' tab in the Qorus productivity add-ins and then clicking on 'Start Trial'.


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