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Qorus Pricing and Plans

Qorus is available as both a free and a paid for service. All you'll need to get started is an Office 365 subscription and a desktop installation of Office 2016. To learn about requirements for using Qorus, please click here

When you sign up, we'll start you off on a 14-day free trial of the paid for Qorus Author plan, so that you may experience the best productivity capabilities Qorus has to add to Office 365. 

With the free version of Qorus, connect your best OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online library content to the Office 365 places where you work, and easily locate and use that content towards creating better documents, emails and presentations faster. 

With the paid for Qorus Author plan, take advantage of the smart tools that help teams grow their re-usable content, and keep cloud and document content versions in sync. It also includes more advanced search options, like the ability to connect to and search multiple SharePoint Online places, define custom keyword search filters, as well as access to the Qorus Management Portal where its possible to centrally manage all things Qorus. 

At the end of your 14-day trial, you'll have the opportunity to either subscribe to the paid for Qorus Author plan, or to continue on the Qorus Free plan. 

To learn more about the Qorus plans available and pricing, please click here

To get Qorus, simply visit the Office Store and download the Qorus Document Builder add-in for Word, the Qorus Slide Builder add-in for PowerPoint and the Qorus Email Builder add-in for Outlook



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