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Qorus Pricing and Plans

There are three Qorus plans to choose from: Free, Essential and Premium, and all Qorus plans include the Qorus Add-ins for Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as access to the Qorus Management Portal web app.

When you sign up for Qorus, we'll start you off on a 14-day free trial of the highest Qorus plan, Qorus Premium, so that you may experience the best productivity capabilities Qorus has to add to Office 365. At the end of your trial, you can either choose to subscribe, or to downgrade to the Qorus Free plan. 

To view pricing, along with a detailed feature comparison for each Qorus plan, please click here. Or if you'd just like the highlights, here they are below: 


With the Free plan, you're able to locate and re-use your best OneDrive for Business content in emails, documents, and presentations. 


The Essential plan includes everything in Free, plus the ability to also search and re-use content from SharePoint Online Libraries and Lists, while you work in Office 365. The search features are more powerful, allowing you to search across multiple Office 365 locations at once, as well as to refine search results with custom keyword filters. Once you've found what you need, you can instantly personalize the content you insert into documents, emails, and presentations, thanks to Smart Fields. 

Also part of the Essential plan, is the ability to very quickly create and personalize new documents and presentations from templates you already store and manage in Office 365 - eliminating a lot of copy and paste, reducing errors, and saving you loads of time. 

Then, for those looking to grow and improve upon their organization's re-usable content, the Qorus Essential plan comes with the ability to clip and save useful content from documents, emails and presentations, to the cloud for future re-use and instant access in the Qorus Add-ins. 


The Premium plan includes everything in Essential, plus the ability to collaborate more precisely in Word documents.

In the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word, assign one or more parts of a document to co-workers to review or complete, with or without due dates. Qorus keeps you informed every step of the way with daily email updates, or real time notifications for assignments that are urgent. Qorus also auto-creates To-Do lists, and generates useful collaboration insights, so you can understand how your team is performing over time. 

And the best part? You can even collaborate with guests. Any co-worker can be a guest user on Qorus, provided they are on the same Office 365 subscription as you. Because guests are free, and you can have as many guests as you'd like, the only limits to bear in mind is that guests don't have the ability to create document assignments, and the number of concurrent assignments that can be assigned to a guest at any one time is five. 

The Qorus Premium plan also comes with the ability to keep document and cloud content in sync with a two-way Refresh. This means that it's possible to update inserted and clipped refreshable content in documents, with updates that have been made in the cloud. And it's also possible to update a document, and have your edits update the corresponding content versions stored in the cloud. 



To get Qorus, simply visit the Office Store from within your Office Apps, and download the Qorus Document Builder add-in for Word, the Qorus Slide Builder add-in for PowerPoint and the Qorus Email Builder add-in for Outlook

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