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How to install the Qorus Document Builder Add-in

Before you begin, please make sure that you meet the minimum requirements listed here.

You can find all the Qorus add-ins, including the Qorus Document Builder Add-in, in the Office Store. Simply click on the banner below to go to Qorus Software's page on the Office store to find the add-ins and get started:

Qorus Listing on the Office Store


Alternatively, you can click on the Store icon within the (1) Insert tab in Word, access the (2) Office Store and (3) search for Qorus, and then (4) add it: 

After the add-in has been added, go over to the (2) Home tab, and click on the Qorus Document Builder icon to load the add-in. Then, using your Office365 credentials, (3) sign up for a new Qorus account, or if you have an account already, login to Qorus. 


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