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Not seeing the results you expect? This might help

If you're not seeing the results you expect when searching SharePoint Online with the Qorus productivity add-ins, the first thing to do would be to perform the same search in SharePoint Online directly, and compare the search results. 

The results should be the same in Qorus as they are in SharePoint Online, except in the following cases: 

  • If there are several copies of a document stored in multiple locations, and you search SharePoint Online for it, SharePoint Online will typically only return just one instance, or one copy of that document, as it assumes that the other copies are duplicates. Qorus will return all the copies it finds and will list each one as a separate search result.

    TIP: To see where Qorus found a document, expand the search result and hover your mouse over the library or folder name (below the document title and file name) to view the direct document link. Alternatively, open the preview window to view the direct document link - it will be displayed beneath the document title and file name at the top of the window. 

  • If any of the SharePoint online places Qorus searches have been renamed, it may be necessary for a Qorus admin to re-establish and fix any broken connections. To do this, Qorus admins can simply go to the 'Search Settings' under the 'Manage' tab in any of the Qorus productivity add-ins, and click on the pencil icon. 

If you still find that the search results don't match up, please do let us know by submitting a support ticket in this Help Center. 

If the results are the same in SharePoint Online and in Qorus, but you know there are files that should be returned by the search and they are simply not showing up - the following might help: 

  • You may need to wait for the SharePoint crawl to run if you have recently made changes to your SharePoint Online environment. The crawl picks up on any changes in both the structure and the contents of your site(s), and adds this information to the search index. Once it's been added to the search index, it becomes searchable. The SharePoint Online crawl runs on a scheduled basis and can take anything between 15 minutes to six hours to run according to Microsoft. In our experience, it has sometimes taken up to a few days. Unfortunately, the crawl schedule is not something that your SharePoint Online administrator can directly control or predict, and so often its just a case of waiting a while and trying again later. Here are examples of some of the changes that need to be crawled, before they can come into effect: 
    • changes to file names, titles or other content properties
    • changes to the SharePoint Online permissions
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