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About Qorus

Qorus is a productivity platform for Office 365 that allows teams to collaborate better, and to grow, locate and re-use their best OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online content in their business critical emails, presentations and documents, like reports, contracts, sales pitches and proposals, without leaving Microsoft Office.

We bring your best content to the places you work in Office 365, so you don't have to waste time hunting it down - and you get to make the most of your investment in creating collateral that might have otherwise gone unused and gathered dust because its too hard to find.

Qorus also comes with smart tools that keep cloud and document content versions in sync, and make it easy to grow both your own personal content database, as well as that of your team. We also take away the headache of staying on top of collaboration around complex documents and deadlines, provide insights into how your content is being used and the effectiveness of your content strategy, and give you the ability to compose and instantly personalize new Word documents and PowerPoint presentations from content you already own and manage in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. 

To learn more about the different Qorus plans available, please click here. To view a detailed feature comparison and pricing, please click here.


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