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Collaborating with Qorus FAQs

You can collaborate with any of your co-workers, provided they are on the same Office365 subscription as you – regardless of whether they have a Qorus license.

If the people you collaborate with have a Qorus license, they will have access to the full range of functionality Qorus has to offer for their Qorus user role (standard or admin).

If the people you collaborate with do not have a Qorus license, they are treated as guest users. Guests can respond to and action collaboration assignments, but cannot create assignments themselves, or access any of the other Qorus functionality, like the ability to search.

Please note that the number of concurrent assignments a guest user can have is limited to five at a time (across all documents).  

You can collaborate on any Word document, provided it has been uploaded to a shared location, like to a SharePoint Online library or to OneDrive for Business.

No, it does not, as Qorus does not manage any permissions associated with access to content. All content permissions are managed natively in Office365.

You’ll need to make sure that the document you’re inviting people to collaborate on is in a place that people already have access to (for example a document library in your SharePoint Online team site), or you’ll need to use the ‘Share’ menu in Word to give people the necessary permissions to work on it with you.

Guests are automatically added by Qorus whenever you create an assignment for a co-worker who does not have a Qorus license.

Yes, they can install the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word – and in fact they won’t be able to collaborate without it.

The first time you create an assignment for someone who does not have a Qorus license, they’ll receive an email welcoming them to Qorus and with links to get the Qorus Document Builder Add-in. As soon as they’ve installed it, they’ll be able to sign in using their Office365 username and password, and see and work on their to-do list.

There are two types of collaboration email notifications: the daily digest, and the urgent assignment notifications.

The daily digest goes out once every 24 hours, and provides updates on all the assignments that you have created, as well as all the assignments that have been assigned to you (your own to-do list).

The urgent assignment notifications are real-time updates about the status of assignments where the checkbox ‘notify immediately’ has been checked. These updates go out to both the person who created the urgent assignment and the recipient(s) of the assignments.

To learn more and to see sample email notifications, please click here.

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