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Try Qorus Compose with a Sample Document

To experience Qorus Compose, and see for yourself how Smart Fields work, we've created a sample 'Compose with Me' document you can play with. Here's how to use it: 


Click here to download the file. 


It's important that you use OneDrive for Business, and not OneDrive. These are two completely separate Microsoft Apps. Qorus automatically connects to OneDrive for Business, and but not to OneDrive. 

You can save the document anywhere in your OneDrive for Business.

3. SEARCH FOR THE FILE IN ANY OF THE QORUS ADD-INS (ps - you may need to wait a little...)

From any of the Qorus Add-ins, select 'OneDrive' as your search location, then run a search for the file called 'Compose with Me'. 

NB! Sometimes it can take a while before a document that you add to OneDrive for Business shows up in either Microsoft's own OneDrive for Business search results, or Qorus search results. That's because the document needs to first be crawled and indexed by OneDrive for Business, before it becomes searchable. 

In our experience, this can take anything from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, and sometimes even longer. It's unfortunately difficult to predict, and depends on a number of factors out of our control. 

Hopefully the document shows up for you very quickly. But if you find that that's not the case, give it half an hour, then come back and run that search again. (sorry...we know it's annoying but there's nothing we can do about this...!)


From the search results, click on the 'Compose with Me' file, and then click on 'Compose'. 

Then fill in the Smart Fields form. And finally click on that 'Create' button to trigger the creation of the composed document. 

Happy Composing! And if you have any questions at all, or encounter an issue, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team. 



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