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June 1st 2017: Smart Insert and Search within Preview

As we strive to better connect your workplace and make your Office365 experience even better, we've focused our efforts in this release on solving common challenges that pretty much any business user has faced at one time or another, and that can be a real pain in the b**t and a drain on productivity.

In this release, you can look forward to:

  • the new Smart Insert, to instantly personalize your inserted content
  • the ability to perform searches within the preview window, jump to results, and see the search term highlighted
  • re-designed, and hopefully more intuitive, Search result, Collaborate and Refresh icons


If you've used Composer to create brand new documents or presentations, then you're probably familiar with Smart Fields. That's where Qorus scans your content, detects placeholder text, and then generates a form that you can fill in, to have all the right information get populated in all the right places, in new documents or presentations you're composing.

But what if you're working on a sales email, and simply want to insert some re-usable content, that happens to contain text placeholders?

To alleviate the sheer drudgery of finding all the placeholder text after you've inserted the content, deleting or typing over it with real customer information, and possibly copying and pasting that same information over and over again in all the different places, as required, we've introduced a new feature called the Smart Insert.

With the Smart Insert, Qorus scans all the content you insert to find placeholder text, and if we find any, then we'll generate a form that you can use to instantly personalize that inserted content. This works with all the Qorus Add-ins, so you can take advantage of the Smart Insert not just in your emails, but also as you work in PowerPoint and Word.


And the best part:

If you're building a complex document, like a statement of work or proposal, where you build your document out by inserting multiple pieces of re-usable content, one after the other, Qorus will remember the information you capture, as you work.

So if the content you're inserting contains placeholder text for say your customer's company name, and you fill in that customer's company name using the Smart Fields form, the next time you insert content into that document, and we come across that same placeholder text - we'll pre-populate the Smart Fields form so you don't have to fill in that information again. You only need provide your customer's company name once, and Qorus will remember it for all the subsequent content items you insert.

Ready to give the new Smart Insert a try? Make sure you've instructed Qorus how to find your text placeholders by specifying delimiters in the Qorus Management Portal, then locate the content that contains those placeholders, either by running a search or by accessing your favorites, and click on Insert.




If you've ever had the pleasure of trawling through pages and pages of text in a large document, to find just the one paragraph you need, then you'll love the new Preview, that now comes with its own search box.

This is particularly ideal for bid and proposal teams who rely on past RFPs when responding to new ones. Now there's no need to download and open that past RFP to find the answer you need. You can search, jump to the right location in the document, and copy and paste - all from the Preview.

To see it in action, simply run a search to locate a Word document, and click on the 'Info' button.

In the modal window that pops up next, you'll notice that there's a new search box next to the Preview, containing the search term you used a moment ago.

If you scroll through the document from the Preview, you'll find that your search term has been highlighted throughout the document, making it super easy to see where we found your search term. Or better still, you can use the search snippets in the left nav to jump to the right places in the document, without having to scroll at all.




To make it easier to get to know Qorus, and more intuitive than hovering your mouse over an icon to understand what it's all about, we've gone back to the drawing board on a number of the icons used throughout the Qorus add-ins.

We've gone for a simpler, cleaner design, that looks better on smaller resolution screens, and have also introduced text labels to make it easier to see what each icon represents.




As usual, a few bugs were harmed during this release, and we've introduced a few usability enhancements and under the hood improvements.

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