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May 10th 2017: What's new

Today's release is all about usability and improving the overall experience for Qorus users, by introducing lots of small improvements and new help materials. 


For new users particularly, we've introduced new Getting Started guides that provides a quick overview of the Qorus UI and an explanation of some of the most important features.


 This guide can be viewed again at any time, by clicking on the 'Help' icon and then on 'Quick Guide'. 



We've also introduced a number of feature enhancements to make Qorus even easier and quicker to use. 

Here are some of the changes we've made: 

  • We now show the full file name on hover, when the file name is ellipsed in the search
  • We've updated the preview so that it shows file names beter
  • We've added a way to check for assignment updates under the Collaborate tab
  • When you go to the Search tab, we'll display your favorites and pinned content by default, rather than the refiner options
  • We now display the name of the content source you're searching in the Search tab (no need to click on the drop down menu next to the search bar to see this anymore)
  • We've also added a 'clear all filters' button to allow you to, well, clear all your selected filters in one click2017-05-10_10-17-24.png
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