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March 29th Release: New insert option and better collaboration

It's release day! For those using the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word, you can now enjoy an improved Collaborate experience, as well as the ability to choose how you'd like content to be inserted into your working document.
Improved Collaborate Experience
  • If 'Notify Immediately' is checked, then updates about a change in the status of that assignment will generate an immediate email notification. This means that for urgent assignments, both the person who created the assignment and the recipient(s) of the assignment, will receive immediate notifications if the assignment status changes to done or rejected. 
  • Clicking on an assignment jumps you to the place in the document where that assignment is found, and now also automatically expands that assignment so there's no need to click again to see more information about the assignment.
  • We now clear the recipient field every time you create a new assignment. This makes it quicker to create new assignments for different people - as its no longer necessary to clear the last recipient(s) name(s), before assigning another part of the document to someone else. 
  • For people who belong to multiple Qorus hubs, we've added messaging on the Collaborate tab to let users know if the document contains assignments that were created in a different Qorus hub. 
  • Then, we've also made a bunch of improvements to improve the Collaborate User Experience, by improving the way we check for and handle minor errors, particularly when creating assignments.


You're in charge of how content gets inserted
When inserting content using the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word, you can now decide whether you'd like to make the inserted content refreshable, or not.
For the geeks, this means that clicking on option A above would insert the contents of this document without any content controls. When picking the advanced insert, Option B, inserted content gets wrapped within content controls. The content controls keep the link between inserted content in a document and the original source version in the cloud, and enable the Refresh functionality in the Qorus Document Builder Add-in for Word. 
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